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From the trademark Styrofoam


styrofoam (countable and uncountable, plural styrofoams)

  1. Expanded polystyrene foam, such as is used in cups and packaging.
    • 1988 November 4, Cecil Adams, “The Straight Dope”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      A while ago I read your column concerning the effects of hot tea on styrofoam cups.
    • 2013 May-June, Kevin Heng, “Why Does Nature Form Exoplanets Easily”, in American Scientist, volume 101, number 3, page 184:
      In the past two years, NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has located nearly 3,000 exoplanet candidates ranging from sub-Earth-sized minions to gas giants that dwarf our own Jupiter. Their densities range from that of styrofoam to iron.


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