time table

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See also: timetable and time-table


Alternative forms[edit]


time table (plural time tables)

  1. Alternative spelling of timetable
    • 1908, Angellotti, Still v. San Francisco and Northwestern Railway Company, 154 Cal. 559, 98 Pac. 672, reprinted 1910, A.C. Freedman, ed., The American State Reports, vol. 129, page 183,
      Upon being made a conductor, he was given a printed schedule or time table of the various regular trains, on the back of which were printed what was styles "Time Table Rules."
    • ca. 1920, Annotated time table the tour through Canada of the ninth Congress of Chambers of Commerce of the British Empire, September-October nineteen-twenty, →ISBN.
    • 1925 April 11, "Suggestions for Subway 'Sun'", in The New Yorker, page 28,
      It uses the simplest time table in the world--a train is always just pulling out as you get to the platform.