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From Middle English horribly, horribely, horribliche, horriblelyche, equivalent to horrible +‎ -ly.


horribly (comparative more horribly, superlative most horribly)

  1. (manner) In a horrible way; very badly.
    The beginning art students displayed their horribly executed paintings with hopeful faces.
  2. (degree, often modifying a negative adverb or adjective) To an extreme degree or extent.
    Then everything went horribly wrong.
    The man was horribly nice, yet she still wouldn't marry him.
  3. (evaluative) With a very bad effect.
    Horribly, as he was dying, his eyes reddened.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Adjectives to which "horribly" is often applied: wrong, afraid, bad, pleased, expensive, painful, slow, sick, cold, sad, difficult, cruel, fond, long, ill, awry, funny, familiar, depressed, ashamed, dirty, true, hot, confused, hard, tired.