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horror +‎ -some


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horrorsome (comparative more horrorsome, superlative most horrorsome)

  1. Characterised or marked by horror.
    • 2001, F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, ‎Darrell Schweitzer, Macintyre's Improbable Bestiary:
      There are monsters and creatures with horrorsome features / And shapes to drive men to insanity.
    • 2003, Mahendra Narayan Behera, Brownstudy on Heathenland:
      [...] the merciless massacres, plunders, outrages, rapes and abductions perpetrated by Islamic terrorists in India and in its frontiers for almost a thousand years stand as glaring examples of despicable and horrorsome human depravity, which extends to the twentyfirst century through Pakistan and its terrorist groups with more ferocity and terrific cruelty.