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host +‎ -ee


hostee (plural hostees)

  1. (Internet) A person hosted on a domain.
    • 1999, "manda", I don't want to be another cihost casualty (on newsgroup alt.www.webmaster)
      My main domain (currently) is and you can see just by looking there's a LOT of stuff on there, some of my hostees themselves take up more than 20 megs of space.
    • 1999, "BabyCarrot", Hanson fanfiction domain (on newsgroup
      Hi. Well, I'm starting a Hanson Fanfiction domain, but before I can actually start the process of registering the domain, I need atleast[sic] 4 hostees.
    • 2008, Cal Henderson, Building Scalable Web Sites
      Since there's a router port somewhere between your servers and the Internet, you can query it (or your host can if it's shared among multiple hostees) to find out your total incoming and outgoing data rate.