hot minute

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Alternative forms[edit]


hot minute (plural hot minutes)

  1. An extremely short period of time; moment.
    • 2000, Eric Jerome Dickey, Cheaters, →ISBN:
      It didn't take but a hot minute to find out what squadron Craig was with.
    • 2012, Michelle Hodkin, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, →ISBN:
      She didn't trust me for a hot minute, but she trusted her perfect eldest child.
    • 2014, Ray Mack, (Please provide the book title or journal name), →ISBN:
      Very cool could easily turn into very rude in a hot minute.
    • 2016, Shéa MacLeod, The Corpse in the Cabana
      Too bad he considered me a suspect, because I'd be all over that in a hot minute. Okay, probably not. But I'd flirt a lot.
    • 2017, Julie Ann Walker, Hot Pursuit, →ISBN:
      Not for a hot minute did she think it changed her inability to have lasting love.
  2. An unspecified period of time; while.
    • 2010, Terry McMillan, Getting to Happy, →ISBN, page 138:
      Whatever happened to that guy Michael you dated for a hot minute way back in the stone age?
    • 2011, Victor LaValle, Big Machine, →ISBN:
      We might be in Montana—but, no, that's wrong. We spent time in Montana a month ago. After a few days we have to move. We settled in Oregon for a hot minute, figured it was a good place for disappearing, but one morning we woke to find footprints in the gravel around our rented cabin.
    • 2012, Cholly Atkins & ‎Jacqui Malone, Class Act: The Jazz Life of Choreographer Cholly Atkins, →ISBN, page 89:
      Still, it was always nice to run into each other in the supermarkets or restaurants and talk for a hot minute.
    • 2013, Terry McMillan, Who Asked You?, →ISBN, page 71:
      At least Dexter can spell and sounds like he went to a junior college for a hot minute.
    • 2013, Caroline McGill, A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent, →ISBN, page 209:
      She decided to pop up on her big brother because it had been a hot minute since she'd seen him.