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From hound +‎ -y.


houndy (comparative houndier or more houndy, superlative houndiest or most houndy)

  1. Like, resembling, or characteristic of a hound; houndlike.
    • 1904, Herbert Compton, The Twentieth Century Dog:
      Indeed, there was a time when the question was debated whether the Airedale should not be grouped with the hound, and in the earlier days of his development he certainly had a very decidedly houndy look, as well as a houndy weight, []
    • 1906, William Arkwright, The pointer and his predecessors:
      The brothers were of opposite types, one inclined to be heavy-boned and houndy, the other somewhat elegant, arch-loined, and light; the same variation occurred in the two bitches: all four were prize-winners. In due course I sold them.
    • 2007, Bob Plott, The Story of the Plott Hound:
      [] houndy” dogs, Mont still was not pleased with the dogs and gave five of them to the Reece brothers, Brice and Mark, who lived near Sunburst on the Pigeon River, south of Plott Valley.