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house +‎ -er


houser ‎(plural housers)

  1. One who, or that which, houses.
    • 2003, Scott Leckie, National Perspectives on Housing Rights, page 150:
      Federal aid for foster care - in effect a houser of last resort for children from troubled families - may also be legitimately described as an entitlement.
    • 2007, Charles Clemons, Funky Shrooms and Other Exquisite Delights, page 21:
      They thought they had busted a moonshiner or a houser of illegal aliens, but what was really below their feet was beyond their wildest imaginations!
    • 2013, Philip McCallion, Housing for the Elderly: Policy and Practice Issues, page 230:
      Social work and gerontological literature for the most part have omitted Haniet Tubman's role as a houser of the aged.


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houser m

  1. gander (a male goose)
  2. lumbago