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huck (third-person singular simple present hucks, present participle hucking, simple past and past participle hucked)

  1. (Ultimate Frisbee) To throw a long way
  2. (informal) to throw or chuck
    He was so angry he hucked the book at my face.
  3. (mountain biking) To gain extra height from a jump by compressing the springs just before the take-off
    Longer forks make the bike more cumbersome, but you will be able to huck off of more stuff.
    If you huck it (the take-off), you'll drop about 20 feet.
  4. (mountain biking) To make a maneuver in a clumsy way.
  5. (whitewater kayaking) To paddle off of a waterfall or to boof a big drop.
    I hucked a sweet 25 foot waterfall on the Tomata River.
  6. (dated) To haggle in trading.
  7. (snowboarding, skiing) To throw oneself off a large jump or drop.
    Dude go huck that cornice!


huck (plural hucks)

  1. (Ultimate Frisbee) Long throw, generally at least half a field or more.
  2. (skiing, snowboarding) a drop or jump off of a cliff or cornice