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From humāns (humane, compassionate) +‎ -isms. Probably not derived as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from another Europen language.




humānisms m (1st declension)

  1. (philosophy) humanism (belief system characterized by tolerance, concern for human welfare, and the concept of human dignity)
    humānisma idejas‎ ― the ideas of humanism
    humānisma tēma literatūrā‎ ― the topic of humanism in literature
    abstraktais humānisms‎ ― abstract humanism
    humānisma krīze‎ ― crisis of humanism
    dziļa cilvēcība nekad nav savienojama ar uzspēli, pozu, dziļš humānisms parasti savienojas ar emociju godīgumu un atklātību‎ ― deep compassion can never be united with playing, posturing; deep humanism usually combines with emotional honesty and openness


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