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from Ancient Greek ὐδρόβιος (udróbios, living in the water).


hydrobious (comparative more hydrobious, superlative most hydrobious)

  1. Adapted to living or dwelling in water, or in the vicinity of water; dependent upon a water environment for survival; aquatic.


  • "Nowadays, the abandonment of these irrigation systems and the growing urbanization of the Palermo Plain have fragmented increasingly the remaining populations of hydrobious fauna, including those of the Painted Frog." — Retrieved 10/08/2007 from Morbe3 Biology & Conservation
  • "the three gems of Rebbuqqa, symbols of the batrachian goddess in her three aspects: zoöphorous egg; hydrobious tadpole; and chthonic toad." — Retrieved 10/08/2007 from The Gems of Rebbuqqa