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hyper- +‎ linkage


hyperlinkage (uncountable)

  1. Overarching or large-scale linkage.
    • 2005, Christine Hine, Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet
      ...the total volume of link connectivity from a country to other countries or a specific aspect of international hyperlinkage such as linguistic patterns.
    • 2004, Bruce B Lawrence, New Faiths, Old Fears
      Sassia Sasken, another prominent social theorist, defines globalization as above all the hyperlinkage of global cities through international nodes...
  2. (rare, Internet) The use of hyperlinks.
    • 1997, Charles K Nicholas, James Mayfield, Intelligent Hypertext
      The process of concept generation results in a conceptual representation for Web hyperlinkage.
    • 1999, Steve Jones, Doing Internet Research
      ...a printed version of the WWW... would not only be extremely voluminous, but it would also be completely purposeless without its hyperlinkage.
    • 2003, Stephen D Reese, Oscar H Gandy, August E Grant, Framing Public Life
      ...while the use of green, underlined copy (within a larger mass of black text) suggests the notion of hyperlinkage.