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hyper- +‎ moron


hypermoron (plural hypermorons)

  1. (obsolete, psychology) person exhibiting specific form of arrested development
    • 1917, Fools - Natural And Presumptuous, TEXACO STAR, p. 9:
      The proportion of hypermorons was found to be relatively large among manual laborers, domestic servants, army privates, sailors, school teachers, college instructors, telegraphers, stenographers, preachers, actors, farm hands, and small farmers. Attempts to elevate the harmless hypermoron from routine to independence are mistaken, "the deficiency is physical, the brain areas do not coordinate."
    • 1917, William Eastbrook Chancellor, The hypermoron as educator, School and society v. 5:
      The cause is morinoia, habit-mindedness; the type of person is the moron, in three grades, the morose, the amiable and the hypermoron, or near-normal.
    • 2006, Christopher Gray, NYT, The Ungainly Duckling That Alighted Along the Park:
      Mrs. Stoner devised six classes of people. In ascending order of value they were idiots; destructionists; morons; hypermorons (in which class she put most people); geniuses (who were creative); and progressionists (who could get things done in business and related fields).