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hyphy ‎(comparative hyphier, superlative hyphiest)

  1. (slang) Rambunctious, loud, crazy, dangerous, irrational, and outrageous in behavior.
    She was so hyphy outside the club Saturday night, she nearly punched a cop!
  2. (slang) Of or relating to the hyphy subgenre of rap music
    • 2006 - Andrea Schulte-Peevers - California - Travel - Page 46
      Oakland is the place to look for 'hyphy' (hyperactive) New Bay hip-hop, while SoCal is still riding the 'crunk' (crazy-drunk) drum and bass beats with ...



  • 2004 - Rick Ayers - Berkeley High School Slang Dictionary - Berkeley High School (Berkeley, Calif.) - Page 38
    Heify also hyphy (HI fee) adj., Angry, agitated. When somebody lets their adrenaline pump them up too much, they go off or get loud and crazy, uncontrollable, ...