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From Ancient Greek ὑποσπαδίας (hupospadías, person suffering from hypospadias), apparently from ὑπό (hupó, hypo-) + σπάω (spáō, to break).



hypospadias (usually uncountable, plural hypospadiases)

  1. (medicine) A birth defect of the male urethra that involves an abnormally placed urinary meatus.
    • 1990, Camille Paglia, Sexual Personae:
      This condition, hypospadias, may be examined ad stuporem in the hundreds of photographs of Hugh Hampton Young's pioneering text, Genital Abnormalities, Hermaphroditism, and Related Adrenal Diseases (1937).
    • 2016, Jenny Kleeman, The Guardian, 2 July:
      At the same time, they corrected Jack’s hypospadias, a condition that meant his urethra opened at the base of his penis, moving it further up so he could pee more like a boy.