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Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Italic *jekʷor (oblique stem *jekʷen-), from Proto-Indo-European *Hyékʷr̥. Cognates include Ancient Greek ἧπαρ (hêpar), Sanskrit यकृत् (yákṛt), Persian جگر (jegar), Old Armenian լեարդ (leard).

The expected inherited paradigm would be iecur ~ *iecinis, but the attestations show a regularized declension iecur ~ iecoris and a hybrid iecur ~ iecinoris. Compare fēmur with similar development.



iecur n (genitive iecinoris or iecoris); third declension

  1. (anatomy) liver
  2. the seat of the soul
  3. the seat of the passions and affections


Third declension neuter.
Case Singular Plural
nominative iecur iecinora
genitive iecinoris iecinorum
dative iecinorī iecinoribus
accusative iecur iecinora
ablative iecinore iecinoribus
vocative iecur iecinora
Third declension neuter.
Case Singular Plural
nominative iecur iecora
genitive iecoris iecorum
dative iecorī iecoribus
accusative iecur iecora
ablative iecore iecoribus
vocative iecur iecora

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