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From iestād(īt) (to place, to plant) +‎ -e (with iestādīt from ie- (into) +‎ stād(īt) (to place, to plant)). A late 19th-century neologism, which at first co-existed with others, like iestādīšana and iestādījums. The word stabilized with its present meaning by the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the work of authors like J. Dravnieks, who used it to translate words like German Anstalt, Behörde, and Russian учреждение (učreždénije).[1]




iestāde f (5th declension)

  1. institution, office, authority (specially organized group of people with a specific administrative, social, or cultural function; the room or building where they work)
    valsts iestādepublic authority, government institution
    izglītības iestādeeducation institution
    likumdevēja iestādelegislative authority
    prokuratūras iestādeprosecutor's office
    tiesu iestādejudicial authority
    tirdzniecības iestādetrade, commerce authority
    izmeklēšanas iestādesinvestigating authority, offices
    strādāt iestādeto work in an institution



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