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Diminutive ignore +‎ -y.


iggy (third-person singular simple present iggies, present participle iggying, simple past and past participle iggied)

  1. (Internet slang, transitive) To ignore (a user on a chat system, etc.).
    • 2002, "MAGNOLIATR", Cleaning up this group? (on newsgroup misc.transport.trucking)
      [] sometimes they just really get under your skin but that is what they want to do. Just try to iggy them and you can always filter them out
    • 2003, "darix29", well its[sic] decided (on newsgroup alc.suicide)
      i wrote somethin[sic] to jammer and another thing to ginger, 2 things to ginger, and a few other things and got completely iggied
      and they were online cuz they replied to everybody.
    • 2007, "AllYou!", On Resentments and Buried Anger (on newsgroup alt.support.marriage)
      I'm just here to tell you that iggying people who give you problems is rarely a way to personal growth.

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