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Alternative forms[edit]


imam +‎ -ate


imamate (plural imamates)

  1. (Islam) The office or jurisdiction of an imam.
    • 1819, Abraham Rees, “Imam”, in The Cyclopaedia; Or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature, volume 18:
      The Mahometans do not agree among themselves about this imamate, or dignity of the imam. Some think it of divine right, and attached to a single family, as the pontificate of Aaron. Others hold, that it is, indeed, of divine right, but deny it to be so attached to any single family, as that it may not be transferred to another.
    • 1891, Syed Ameer Ali, The Life and Teachings of Mohammed: Or, The Spirit of Islam:
      After mentioning these facts, Shahristâni adds that "whatever befell them was prognosticated by Jaafar as-Sâdik, who said that temporal dominion was not for their family, but that the Imâmate was to be a toy in the hands of the Abbassides."
    • 2009 September 21, Robert F. Worth, “Yemen’s North Hit by Bloodiest Fighting in Years”, in New York Times[1]:
      The government has accused the Houthis of trying to restore the traditional Zaidi-led imamate that largely ruled Yemen until 1962.


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