imperium in imperio

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Calque of Ancient Greek κράτος εν κράτει (krátos en krátei).


imperium in imperiō n (genitive imperiī in imperiō); second declension

  1. A state within a state, inclusive of deep states or other forces which operate with sovereign-like impunity within a polity
    • 1872, James Legge translating Confucius as The Ch‘un Ts‘ew, Prolegomena, Ch. iii, p. 116:
      ...the system of presiding chiefs... was most anomalous,—an imperium in imperio,—and weakened the bond of loyal attachment to the throne. Of what use were the kings of Chow, if they could not do their proper work of government, but must be continually devolving it on one or other of their vassals?


Second declension (plural "states within a state").
Case Singular Plural
Nominative imperium in imperiō imperia in imperiō
Genitive imperiī in imperiō imperiōrum in imperiō
Dative imperiō in imperiō imperiīs in imperiō
Accusative imperium in imperiō imperia in imperiō
Ablative imperiō in imperiō imperiīs in imperiō
Vocative imperium in imperiō imperia in imperiō
Second declension (plural "states within states").
Case Plural
Nominative imperia in imperiīs
Genitive imperiōrum in imperiīs
Dative imperiīs in imperiīs
Accusative imperia in imperiīs
Ablative imperiīs in imperiīs
Vocative imperia in imperiīs