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in-box (plural in-boxes)

  1. Alternative form of inbox


in-box (third-person singular simple present in-boxes, present participle in-boxing, simple past and past participle in-boxed)

  1. Alternative form of inbox
    • 1999, Michael Szenberg, Passion and Craft: Economists at Work, page 187:
      Academic life, like any other, has a full in-box. A professor can stay busy answering his or her mail.
    • 2002, Perry M. Smith, Rules & Tools for Leaders, page 122:
      Since your next job may not have a very full in-box or a very heavy schedule, and might lack some of the psychic rewards that your previous leadership job had, your state of depression may worsen.
    • 2006, Sally Beare, (Please provide the book title or journal name), page 177:
      Our livers were never designed to have such a full in-box, and because most people are nutritionally deficient, the body also lacks the materials needed for detoxification