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in- +‎ acquaintance


inacquaintance (uncountable)

  1. Lack of acquaintance; ignorance.
    • 1823, John Mason Good, The Study of Medicine[1], volume 1, page 380:
      [] so in asthma, where there is no expuition, or the expuition does not appear till the paroxysm is subsiding, we ought, I think, in fair reason, rather to acknowledge or inacquaintance with the actual cause than to place our faith in one that has so little to support it.
    • 1849 January 1, George Stanley Faber, “The Sacred Calendar of Prophecy”, in The Theological and Literary Journal[2], volume 1, page 407:
      He could scarcely have advanced a theory indicating a more unfortunate inacquaintance with the subject.
    • 2013, David Carroll, George Eliot: The Critical Heritage[3], page 233:
      It is a form of which George Eliot seems especially fond: her young ladies refuse the most ineligible offers out of devotion to their aunts; her young gentlemen have all the arduous inacquaintance with Latin which their education requires []