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in- +‎ articulation



inarticulation (uncountable)

  1. (uncountable) The state of being inarticulate; inarticulateness.
    • 1976, Uma Parameswaran, A Study of Representative Indo-English Novelists, →ISBN, page 81:
      "The inarticulation of a fond father in an undemonstrative family setting is brought out admirably..."
  2. (education, US) Any point in the educational system in which the development of the individual is hindered.
    • 1937, Fred Engelhardt and Alfred Victor Overn, Secondary Education: Principles and Practices [1], page 124:
      "Another traditional source of inarticulation is the requirement of an eighth-grade diploma for entrance to high school."
  3. An inarticulate or underarticulated utterance.
    • 2002, Mad Macz, Internet Underground: The Way of the Hacker [2], page 111:
      "There are some methods of jargonification that became established quite early... These include verb doubling, sound-alike slang, the '-P' convention, overgeneralization, spoken inarticulations, and anthropomorphization."

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