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inbreeder (plural inbreeders)

  1. One who engages in inbreeding.
    • 1983, Joseph Shepher, Incest: A Biosocial View, page 101:
      [] the genetic fitness of the inbreeder male []
  2. One who engages in incest.
    Synonyms: incester, incestual
    • 2008, Nico Medina, Fat Hoochie Prom Queen, page 130:
      [] inbreeder! Go home and screw your sister!
    • 2013, JohnMcvie, “Re: MSNBC's 'NewsNation' Uses Chicago Gang Violence To Again Push For Gun Control”, in talk.politics.guns (Usenet):
      Those stereotypes of you backwoods gun fondlers being incestuous inbreeders didn't come to be on account of me.

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