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incall (plural incalls)

  1. A visit by a client to a provider of some service, such as a massage therapist or a prostitute.
    • 2014, Stephen McEvoy, Becoming a Professional Massage Therapist: Getting to Your Destination, Stephen A. McEvoy, →ISBN, page 33:
      Some massage therapists only provide incall services because of the travel and setup times required for outcalls. A few massage therapists only provide outcalls because they do not have an office. When setting your rates, []
  2. (rare, possibly nonstandard) An incoming call (on a telephone).
    • 2002, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Patents, page 579:
      In a mobile communications system including a mobile telephone, a home mobile switching center containing a subscriber [] a method of seamlessly routing an incall from the originating mobile switching center to the visited mobile switching center []
    • 2005, Beijing Review, page 212:
      Designers try to introduce as many new elements as possible into the design, such as the shell form, the powder box form, the twinkling light effect signaling an incall and double folding screens. "The time is ripe for the feminine cellphone [] "

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