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outcall (plural outcalls)

  1. A visit by a provider of some service, such as a massage therapist or a prostitute, to a client.
    • 2014, Stephen McEvoy, Becoming a Professional Massage Therapist: Getting to Your Destination, Stephen A. McEvoy, →ISBN, page 33:
      Some massage therapists only provide incall services because of the travel and setup times required for outcalls. A few massage therapists only provide outcalls because they do not have an office. When setting your rates, []
    • 2018, Kathy Gruver, Journey of Healing: One woman's path to healing self and others, Lotus Press, →ISBN, page 18:
      I know this sounds stupid, but have a massage table. And enough sheets and oil. I had someone apply for an outcall therapist position that I was trying to fill and halfway through the phone call they informed that they didn't have a car...or a table.
  2. (rare, possibly nonstandard) An outgoing telephone call.
    • 1909, Canada. Parliament. House of Commons, Debates: Official Report:
      They charge for business telephones $25 and 2 cents per outcall. Let us see what that means. I do not suppose that any man who uses a telephone in his business makes less than five calls a day; that is 10 cents a day or $30 a year.
    • 1990, California. Legislature. Joint Committee on Prison Construction and Operations, Anatomy of a Prison--Folsom: Examination of Selected Operational, Policy, and Fiscal Questions Affecting California's Prisons Today, page A-8:
      "Does the state (or the prison) get stuck with any telephone calls which somehow do not get billed collect?" Folsom: According to Pacific Bell, [] located within the institution. This coding is designated through the outcall phone numbers.

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