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call +‎ out


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callout (plural callouts)

  1. (communication) An outgoing telephone call.
  2. (slang) An invitation to fight; the act of one child calling out another.
  3. (typography, graphic layout) A pull quote: an excerpt from an article (such as in a news magazine) that is duplicated in a large font alongside the article so as to grab a reader's attention and indicate the article's topic.
  4. A summons to someone designated as being on call.
    I had to pay for the callout of the plumber after the pipe burst.
  5. (US) A meeting or rally held in order to find interested participants, e.g. for an activity or sports team.
    So many people attended the basketball callout that the coach decided to form two teams.
  6. An annotation that pertains to a specific location in a body of text or a graphic, and that is visually linked to that location by a mark or a matching pair of marks.
  7. The act of calling out from work, i.e. announcing that one cannot attend.
    • 2015, Pearley Rufus-Lusan, The Baby Boomer Nurse
      On this particular day, I felt ill, mostly from exhaustion, and had to call out from work. This callout caused a stir and a display of animosity.

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