callout culture

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Alternative forms[edit]


callout culture (countable and uncountable, plural callout cultures)

  1. The practice, in social justice circles, of publicly criticizing people for violating accepted behavioural standards.
    • 2015, Saryta Rodriguez, Until Every Animal is Free
      While general “calling out” can be about anything at all, the callout culture addressed in this article relates specifically to social justice communities and admits to the tendency of some social justice activists to see calling out as "an end in itself."
    • 2016, Sarah Lowndes, The DIY Movement in Art, Music and Publishing: Subjugated Knowledges
      Since the mid-1990s the internet facilitated spread of 4th Wave Feminism, particularly through social media platforms such as Twitter has meant that much campaigning is now done online. The internet has facilitated a 'callout' culture, in which sexism or misogyny can be challenged by a global community of young feminists who use the internet both for discussion and activism.
    • 2016, George Veletsianos, Social Media in Academia: Networked Scholars (page 56)
      While callout culture raises issues of shaming and risk, it has also raised consciousness around the implications of public speech on Twitter.