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From in- ‎(negative prefix) +‎ cautious.



incautious ‎(comparative more incautious, superlative most incautious)

  1. careless, reckless, not exercising proper caution
    • 1749, Henry Fielding, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, Book VIII, chapter xv
      "You might have remained so still," replies Jones, "if you had not been unfortunate, I will venture to say incautious, in the placing your affections.
    • 1912, Stratemeyer Syndicate, Baseball Joe on the School Nine Chapter 1
      "Yes, let 'Sister' Davis have a whack at it too," urged George Bland. Tom Davis, who was Joe Matson's particular chum, was designated "Sister" because, in an incautious moment, when first coming to Excelsior Hall, he had shown a picture of his very pretty sister, Mabel.

Derived terms[edit]