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in- +‎ cognoscible


incognoscible (comparative more incognoscible, superlative most incognoscible)

  1. (rare, dated) Not capable of being known; incomprehensible.
    • 1827, Jeremy Bentham, Rationale of Judicial Evidence, vol. 4, book 8, ch. 18:
      6. The state of the law rendered more and more incognoscible. By wrapping up the real dispositions of the law in a covering of nonsense, the knowledge of it is rendered impossible to the bulk of the people.
    • 1860, John Pringle Nichol, A Cyclopædia of the Physical Sciences, Charles Griffin and Co., p. 671:
      Regarded in this light, the idea of Polarity . . . has nothing to do with the fancy of Terrestrial Magnets, with Hypotheses concerning impalpable and incognoscible Fluids, with Atoms having Poles, or with doctrines concerning Ethereal vibrations.
    • 1868, Thomas Skinner, "How Shall We Treat Cholera?", British Medical Journal, vol. 2, p. 235:
      I freely admit the existence of a poisoned condition of the system from without by an invisible and hitherto incognoscible something.
    • 1926, Burnett Hillman Streeter, Reality: A New Correlation of Science and Religion, Macmillan, p. 113:
      The still small voice of conscience and the sense of beauty are direct messages from the incognoscible Beyond.
    • 2010, Constantin Portelli, A Unique God, A Universal Religion, →ISBN, p. 6:
      [W]e agree that certain aspects, which appear in our material world, have their origin from some incognoscible transcendence.


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