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in- +‎ cohærent


incohærent (comparative more incohærent, superlative most incohærent)

  1. Archaic spelling of incoherent.
    • 1854 CE, Joseph Beete Jukes, in Journal of the Geological Society of Dublin, M. H. Gill; Volume VI, page #70:
      It follows from this, as it appears to me, that as we have some of the older rocks, for instance, some Silurian rocks, still unaltered by heat, and in the condition of soft clays and incohærent sandstone, the refrigeration of the earth’s surface (supposing it to have been once fused) must already have reached nearly its present limit, at the very early period of the deposition of those Silurian rocks, for we can hardly suppose it possible that there is any Silurian rock which has not, cither at the close of the Silurian period or during some paleozoic era, been buried under many hundreds[…]