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in- +‎ conclusive +‎ -ible


inconclusible (comparative more inconclusible, superlative most inconclusible)

  1. (rare) Having no conclusion; unfinished.
    • 1930, T. S. Eliot, Ash-Wednesday:
      Journey to no end, Conclusion of all that Is inconclusible
    • 1996, Robert Lehman Lectures on Contemporary Art - Issue 1, page 150:
      Any occurrence recorded photographically is seized in the process of its unfolding and condensed into a single image in which all the inconclusible energies of movement and interaction are arrested as a pattern.
    • 2000, Gad Hollander, Benching with Virgil, page 43:
      With regard to the story or novel or novella or long poem, or maybe merely lyric, epigram, haiku, couplet, line, or less, a word, sign, phoneme, brief pause, inconclusive pause, inconclusible breath, why dead go on, unless I say this such that, when all is said and done (not necessarily, but at least said), in February, such that this, by late September, or early October (at the latest) is that.
    • 2007, Francesca Aran Murphy, God Is Not a Story: Realism Revisited:
      Its 'evidence is less a stationary content than a principle, ... a ferment that exists for the progressive realization—in an inconclusible movement—of truth within the world'.