infima species

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From Latin infima (lowest) + species.


infima species (plural infimae species)

  1. (logic, semantics) The narrowest of species; one that that is not a genus to anything else.
    • 1993, Willem Hirs, XV: The Use of Terminological Principles and Methods in Medicine, Helmi B. Sonneveld, Kurt Loening (editors), Terminology: Applications in Interdisciplinary Communication, page 239,
      Every infima species of the adaptation can be related unambiguously to a[n] infima species of the standard.
    • 1998, R. O. Savage, Real Alternatives, Leibniz's Metaphysics of Choice, page 95,
      Combining Leibniz's view about species differentiation with his view that completed individuals constitute infima species, [DM 9; N 326] yields a promising speculation as to why he might hold that any change in property of our Adam would be a different person.
    • 2008, Michael J. Loux, Primary Ousia: An Essay on Aristotle's Metaphysics Z and H, page 4,
      So two things are pivotal in the Categories account of primary ousiai: the idea that the things that are ontologically fundamental are basic subjects, and the idea that the ontologically basic entities are instances or members of their infimae species.
    • 2009, James Porter Moreland, The Recalcitrant Imago Dei, page 124,
      But when Pratt gives illustrations of his claim, he selects different infimae species under the genus 'material substance'.