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info +‎ -naut


infonaut (plural infonauts)

  1. One who navigates the information superhighway; an Internet user.
    • 1985, Reingold, Howard, Tools for thought: the people and ideas behind the next computer revolution, Chapter 11. Computer Book Division/Simon & Schuster.
      Because he started out young in a field that was young itself, [Alan] Kay was one of the first of the generation of infonauts, the ones who grew up with the tools created by the pioneers, and who have been using them to create a medium for the rest of us.
    • 1996, Carmen Luke Singh, ekastasis@cyberia. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 17(2):187-207
      [] the networked teacher—the infonaut charting a course with her students across the vast terrain of Internet communities, databases, and WWW sites—can connect with other teachers in on-line professional communities []
    • 2003, Allan Martin, Hannelore B Rader, Information and IT literacy: enabling learning in the 21st century‎
      Yet the central issue remains, would an Iranian infonaut navigate like, say, an American one?