information superhighway

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You can help Wiktionary by providing a proper etymology. information +‎ superhighway. From being a high speed access, akin to highspeed travel on a superhighway, to data and information.


information superhighway

  1. (dated, computing) The Internet and all other computer networks in the 1990s.
    • 1994 May, Gary Turbak, “The Phone Phenomenon”, in The Rotarian, volume 164, number 5, page 32:
      Developed nations also are moving at high speed toward the information superhighway being spearheaded by telephone technology. Britain, France, Germany, and other European nations are experimenting with high-tech phonery.
    • 2011, Bryce Clayton Newell, “Rethinking Reasonable Expectations of Privacy in Online Social Networks”, in Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, volume 17, number 4, page 2:
      Internet technologies and various software platforms make it much easier to communicate and find information about others' online communication. a For many – especially the younger generation – the “sacred precincts” of private life have extended onto the information superhighway.


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