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A fountain in Stockholm, Sweden.


From Middle English; from Old French fontaine (=modern); from Late Latin fontana, from Latin fontanus, fontaneus, adjectives from fons (spring, source)



fountain (plural fountains)

  1. (originally) A spring, natural source of water.
  2. An artificial, usually ornamental, water feature (usually in a garden or public place) consisting of one or more streams of water originating from a statue or other structure.
  3. The structure from which an artificial fountain can issue.
  4. A reservoir from which liquid can be drawn.
  5. A source, origin of a flow (e.g. of favors, of knowledge).
  6. A juggling pattern typically done with an even number of props where each prop is caught by the same hand that thows it.
  7. (heraldry) A roundel barry wavy argent and azure.
  8. (US) A soda fountain.


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fountain (third-person singular simple present fountains, present participle fountaining, simple past and past participle fountained)

  1. (intransitive) To flow or gush as if from a fountain.
    Lava fountained from the volcano.
    • Tom Reamy, Blind Voices
      The fireflies swept toward him from all directions, in streams and rivers and currents of light, a vortex a hundred yards across, spiraling into the brighter center. They met over his supine body like ocean breakers, cascading, fountaining into the air.


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