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fountain pen (plural fountain pens)

A fountain pen
  1. A pen containing a reservoir of ink, which is fed to a writing nib automatically.
    Hyponyms: cartridge pen, stylograph, stylographic pen
    • 1930, Dashiell Hammet, “The Levantine”, in The Maltese Falcon, New York, N.Y.; London: Alfred A[braham] Knopf, OCLC 919141719, pages 57–58:
      Beside the wallet and its contents there were three gaily colored silk handkerchiefs fragrant of chypre; a platinum Longines watch on a platinum and red gold chain, attached at the other end to a small pear-shaped pendant of some white metal; a handful of United States, British, French, and Chinese coins; a ring holding half a dozen keys; a silver and onyx fountain-pen; a metal comb in a leatherette case; a nail-file in a leatherette case; []