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pean (plural peans)

  1. (heraldry) A heraldic fur of yellow spots on a black field.
  2. Alternative spelling of paean.
    • 1843 February, I. D. W., “Association”, in James E. Ridgely, editor, The Covenant and Official Magazine of the Grand Lodge of the United States, I[ndependent] O[rder of] O[dd] F[ellows]: A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Cause of Odd Fellowship, volume II, number 2, OCLC 877540713, page 68:
      The barbarian, wandering in nature's wilds, plucking the fruits as they grow, or destroying the game for his meat, and quenching his thirst with the waters of the gurgling rill, may furnish the poet with a theme for a pean to the goddess of Natural Liberty; but he will be a barbarian still, and his children after him, will roam over the same uncultivated wastes, and sleep in the same caves and dens, until they learn to associate with others and combine their efforts for mutual good.
    • 2007, Michael J. Mazarr, “The Existentialist Diagnosis”, in Unmodern Men in the Modern World: Radical Islam, Terrorism, and the War on Modernity, Cambridge; New York, N.Y.: Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 81:
      Antimodern romanticism is not primarily a complaint about lost nature; it is mainly a pean to lost values. Modernity is relativistic, the existentialists complain; it has lost a sense of real values, true courage, meaningful integrity.
  3. Alternative spelling of peen.


pean (third-person singular simple present peans, present participle peaning, simple past and past participle peaned)

  1. Alternative spelling of paean.
  2. Alternative spelling of peen.





  1. Second-person plural (ustedes) imperative form of peer.
  2. Second-person plural (ustedes) present subjunctive form of peer.
  3. Third-person plural (ellos, ellas, also used with ustedes?) present subjunctive form of peer.