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fire +‎ work


  • (General American) IPA(key): /ˈfaɪɚˌwɚk/
  • (file)


firework (plural fireworks)

  1. A device using gunpowder and other chemicals which, when lit, emits a combination of coloured flames, sparks, whistles or bangs, and sometimes made to rocket high into the sky before exploding, used for entertainment or celebration.
    Commercial firework displays are commonly launched from boats or other vessels
    • 1776, Robert Jones, John Muller, “Sect. I. Saltpetre.”, in Artificial Fireworks, Improved to the Modern Practice, from the Minutest to the Highest Branches; [...] Also, Mr. Muller's Fireworks, for Sea and Land Service, [...], 2nd corr. edition, London: Printed for J. Millan, near Whitehall, →OCLC, page 1:
      Saltpetre being the principal ingredient in fireworks, and a volatile body, by reaſon of its aqueous and aërial parts, is eaſily rarified by fire; but not ſo ſoon when foul and groſs, as when purified from its crude and earthy parts, which greatly retard its velocity: therefore, when any quantity of Fireworks are to be made, it ſhould be examined; for if it is not well cleanſed, and of a good ſort, your works will not have their proper effect; []

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