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Etymology 1[edit]

From Latin gutta (drop (of a liquid)). Compare French goutte. Compare guttated.

Alternative forms[edit]


gutty (not comparable)

  1. (heraldry) Charged or sprinkled with drops.

Etymology 2[edit]

gut +‎ -y


gutty (comparative more gutty, superlative most gutty)

  1. Gutsy; brave.
  2. Having a prominent gut.
    • 1958, John M. Kays, Basic animal husbandry (page 269)
      A trim-middled hog will have a higher dressing percentage than a wasty, gutty, paunchy, heavy-middled hog.


gutty (plural gutties)

  1. One who works in a slaughterhouse cutting out the internal organs.
    • 1990, New Zealand Industrial Law Reports:
      Mr Donaldson continued to work during the season as a gutty in the beefhouse at the Lorneville plant, notwithstanding a high level of pain and/or discomfort which he persistently experienced from his elbow disorder.

Etymology 3[edit]

Perhaps from gutter, or guttersnipe.[1] Or possibly from Irish gaotaire (a windbag, someone who talks too much).[2]



  1. (dialect, Ireland) An urchin or delinquent.[1]
  2. (dialect, Ireland) Low-class person.[1]
  3. (dialect, Ireland) An unpleasant person.[2]


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