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information +‎ -ism. This word and informationist (one who practices informationism) are first known to have arisen in the work of a group of Scottish poets in the 1994 book Contraflow on the SuperHighway.[1]


informationism (uncountable)

  1. A significant ideology that information has power when disseminated.
  2. The use of information as a weapon.
  3. The act of countering government propaganda.
  4. The act of undermining advertising.


  • 2006. Kozzmo(blog). Informationism.[1]
    At present, informationism is considered a form of web-based terrorism, using blogs as a platform to initiate propagandist attacks. This definition, however is that generated by the post-modernist.
  • 2004. Habits of the High-Tech Heart, by Quentin Schultze: ( Book review by Ethics Daily)
    Informationism: “a non-discerning, vacuous faith in … information.”
  • 2000. Heroux, Erick. The Ideology of Information & The Tactics of Literature. (Dissertation Abstract, Nov. 1 2000)[2]
    Informationism is identified as a significant emerging ideology.


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