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mis- +‎ information


misinformation (usually uncountable, plural misinformations)

  1. Information that is incorrect.
    • 1983, Richard Ellis, The Book of Sharks, Knopf, →ISBN, page 87:
      My intent is not to criticize an unpublished biology paper, but only to demonstrate the ease with which misinformation can creep into popular literature.
    • 2017 September 28, Sam Levin, “Mark Zuckerberg: I regret ridiculing fears over Facebook's effect on election”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Mark Zuckerberg said he regretted dismissing concerns about the Facebook’s role in influencing the US presidential race, his latest acknowledgement that misinformation on the platform has affected elections.
  2. Unintentional mistakes such as inaccurate captions, dates, statistics, or translations or when satire is taken seriously.
    • 2019, “Misinformation Has Created a New World Disorder”, in Scientific American[2]:

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