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infra- +‎ littoral


infralittoral (plural infralittorals)

  1. The region of shallow water closest to the shore; in marine environments, usually excluding the intertidal zone.


infralittoral (comparative more infralittoral, superlative most infralittoral)

  1. Situated in the region of shallow water nearest the shore.
    • 2004, M.P. Singh, Environment and Pollution, page 159:
      The lowest zone over exposed, and the only at extreme low tides, is called the infralittoral fringe.
    • 2004, Susan B. Rothschild, Beachcomber's Guide to Gulf Coast Marine Life: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, page 10:
      Some marine biologists also recognize supralittoral and infralittoral fringes, which are wetted only by extreme high tides or high waves []