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From Zulu insangu.


insangu ‎(uncountable)

  1. (South Africa) Any particular plant which is smoked as a recreational drug, especially (wild) hemp.

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insangu class 9

  1. cannabis, hemp


Stem -sangú, class 9
Singular Plural
Full form ínsangú
Locative énsangwíni
Singular Plural
Full form ínsangú
Simple form nsangú
Locative énsangwíni
Copulative yínsangú
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Modifier Substantive Modifier Substantive
Class 1 wénsangú ówénsangú
Class 2 bénsangú ábénsangú
Class 3 wénsangú ówénsangú
Class 4 yénsangú éyénsangú
Class 5 lénsangú élénsangú
Class 6 énsangú áwénsangú
Class 7 sénsangú ésénsangú
Class 8 zénsangú ézénsangú
Class 9 yénsangú éyénsangú
Class 10 zénsangú ézénsangú
Class 11 lwénsangú ólwénsangú
Class 14 bénsangú óbénsangú
Class 15 kwénsangú ókwénsangú
Class 17 kwénsangú ókwénsangú