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instructor +‎ -ish


instructorish (comparative more instructorish, superlative most instructorish)

  1. (rare) Characteristic of an instructor; didactic.
    • 1996, Zinovy Zinik, One-Way Ticket: Stories (page 27)
      My Rabinovich energetically dragged on the English cigarette, once again straightened the broken earpiece of his eyeglasses with those instructorish two fingers, wiped his chin and, moving over to me in earnest, confidingly informed me []
    • 1994, Skiing (volume 46, number 7, page 53)
      Jefi Zell is a former ski instructor from Jackson Hole. In powder-8 competitions, he makes beautifully round ski-instructorish turns. On his own, he doesn't mind showing why he's one of the hottest extreme skiers at Jackson.
    • (Can we date this quote?), Michael Sloan, Cone of Silence
      “Your mind can only be on one thing when you're going flying,” he said in a very instructorish tone, “and that's not what's happening in Washington.”