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inter- +‎ cap +‎ ed (where cap is short for capital, as in caps).


intercapped (not comparable)

  1. (rare, of a word) Having an intermediate capital letter, as in PowerPoint for example.
    • 1999, Jeff Carlson, Toby Malina, Glenn Fleishman, Typography: the best work from the web
      Every page features careful placement of type, but the type is artistically messed up: sometimes all caps, sometimes lowercase, sometimes intercapped []
    • 2002, Jo Wood, Java programming for spatial sciences
      The first letter of any concatenated words are given an upper-case letter. For example, the following are all examples of intercapped variable names []
    • 2003, Austin Grossman, Postmortems from Game Developer
      Regardless, you will know the public's opinion, most likely expressed in jauntily intercapped slang.
    • 2004, T Mike Childs, Rocklopedia fakebandica
      Too bad the intercapped name is way too 90s and sticks out like a sore thumb.
    • 2005, Laura Wingerd, Practical Perforce
      Button labels in graphical application windows are shown in regular text, and are often intercapped.
    • 2006, Tay Vaughan, Multimedia: making it work
      [] coders discovered they could better recognize the words they used for variables and commands when the words were intercapped.