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interneciō f (genitive interneciōnis); third declension

  1. massacre, slaughter, carnage
  2. destruction, extermination


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative interneciō interneciōnēs
genitive interneciōnis interneciōnum
dative interneciōnī interneciōnibus
accusative interneciōnem interneciōnēs
ablative interneciōne interneciōnibus
vocative interneciō interneciōnēs


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    • to absolutely annihilate the enemy: hostes ad internecionem caedere, delere (Liv. 9. 26)
    • to completely annihilate a nation: gentem ad internecionem redigere or adducere (B. G. 2. 28)