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inter- +‎ plant


interplant (not comparable)

  1. (manufacturing) Between manufacturing plants or divisions.
    • 1935, Roy C. Ingersoll, "Ring for Packaging," US Patent 2119745 [1], page 2:
      In interplant and interdepartmental shipments, it has been found that the cost of packaging is prohibitive where the articles or bodies of merchandise are individually crated or cased.
  2. (agriculture) Between plants.
    • 1977, Lawrence L. Ingram et al., "Transplanting apparatus," US Patent 4104975, page 8:
      the patented machine functions to deposit the plants onto the field at only one fixed spatial relationship whereby the machine cannot accommodate different crops and/or different growing conditions wherein different interplant spacings might be required.


interplant (third-person singular simple present interplants, present participle interplanting, simple past and past participle interplanted)

  1. (agriculture) To alternate plantings of two or more species.
    • 1931, Wendell H. Tisdale, "Insect Repellent," US Patent 2205232 [2], page 4:
      The most extensive of these field tests was conducted in a 5-acre young apple orchard temporarily interplanted, as is frequently the custom, with peach trees.

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