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From irrottaa +‎ -ella.



  1. (frequentative) To detach or remove something continuously or for a long time or carefully
  2. (colloquial) To relax, party, have fun usually in contrast to everyday life
    Jari lähti perjantai-iltana työviikon jälkeen irrottelemaan kaupungille.
    Jari went to the city to party after the work week on Friday night.
  3. (colloquial) To play an instrument in an relaxed or improvising way; may apply to whole band


Inflection of irrotella (Kotus type 67/tulla, tt-t gradation)
indicative mood
present tense perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. irrottelen en irrottele 1st sing. olen irrotellut en ole irrotellut
2nd sing. irrottelet et irrottele 2nd sing. olet irrotellut et ole irrotellut
3rd sing. irrottelee ei irrottele 3rd sing. on irrotellut ei ole irrotellut
1st plur. irrottelemme emme irrottele 1st plur. olemme irrotelleet emme ole irrotelleet
2nd plur. irrottelette ette irrottele 2nd plur. olette irrotelleet ette ole irrotelleet
3rd plur. irrottelevat eivät irrottele 3rd plur. ovat irrotelleet eivät ole irrotelleet
passive irrotellaan ei irrotella passive on irroteltu ei ole irroteltu
past tense pluperfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. irrottelin en irrotellut 1st sing. olin irrotellut en ollut irrotellut
2nd sing. irrottelit et irrotellut 2nd sing. olit irrotellut et ollut irrotellut
3rd sing. irrotteli ei irrotellut 3rd sing. oli irrotellut ei ollut irrotellut
1st plur. irrottelimme emme irrotelleet 1st plur. olimme irrotelleet emme olleet irrotelleet
2nd plur. irrottelitte ette irrotelleet 2nd plur. olitte irrotelleet ette olleet irrotelleet
3rd plur. irrottelivat eivät irrotelleet 3rd plur. olivat irrotelleet eivät olleet irrotelleet
passive irroteltiin ei irroteltu passive oli irroteltu ei ollut irroteltu
conditional mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. irrottelisin en irrottelisi 1st sing. olisin irrotellut en olisi irrotellut
2nd sing. irrottelisit et irrottelisi 2nd sing. olisit irrotellut et olisi irrotellut
3rd sing. irrottelisi ei irrottelisi 3rd sing. olisi irrotellut ei olisi irrotellut
1st plur. irrottelisimme emme irrottelisi 1st plur. olisimme irrotelleet emme olisi irrotelleet
2nd plur. irrottelisitte ette irrottelisi 2nd plur. olisitte irrotelleet ette olisi irrotelleet
3rd plur. irrottelisivat eivät irrottelisi 3rd plur. olisivat irrotelleet eivät olisi irrotelleet
passive irroteltaisiin ei irroteltaisi passive olisi irroteltu ei olisi irroteltu
imperative mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. 1st sing.
2nd sing. irrottele älä irrottele 2nd sing. ole irrotellut älä ole irrotellut
3rd sing. irrotelkoon älköön irrotelko 3rd sing. olkoon irrotellut älköön olko irrotellut
1st plur. irrotelkaamme älkäämme irrotelko 1st plur. olkaamme irrotelleet älkäämme olko irrotelleet
2nd plur. irrotelkaa älkää irrotelko 2nd plur. olkaa irrotelleet älkää olko irrotelleet
3rd plur. irrotelkoot älkööt irrotelko 3rd plur. olkoot irrotelleet älkööt olko irrotelleet
passive irroteltakoon älköön irroteltako passive olkoon irroteltu älköön olko irroteltu
potential mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. irrotellen en irrotelle 1st sing. lienen irrotellut en liene irrotellut
2nd sing. irrotellet et irrotelle 2nd sing. lienet irrotellut et liene irrotellut
3rd sing. irrotellee ei irrotelle 3rd sing. lienee irrotellut ei liene irrotellut
1st plur. irrotellemme emme irrotelle 1st plur. lienemme irrotelleet emme liene irrotelleet
2nd plur. irrotellette ette irrotelle 2nd plur. lienette irrotelleet ette liene irrotelleet
3rd plur. irrotellevat eivät irrotelle 3rd plur. lienevät irrotelleet eivät liene irrotelleet
passive irroteltaneen ei irroteltane passive lienee irroteltu ei liene irroteltu
Nominal forms
infinitives participles
active passive active passive
1st irrotella present irrotteleva irroteltava
long 1st2 irrotellakseen past irrotellut irroteltu
2nd inessive1 irrotellessa irroteltaessa agent1, 3 irrottelema
instructive irrotellen negative irrottelematon
3rd inessive irrottelemassa 1) Usually with a possessive suffix.

2) Used only with a possessive suffix; this is the form for the third-person singular and third-person plural.
3) Does not exist in the case of intransitive verbs. Do not confuse with nouns formed with the -ma suffix.

elative irrottelemasta
illative irrottelemaan
adessive irrottelemalla
abessive irrottelematta
instructive irrotteleman irroteltaman
4th nominative irrotteleminen
partitive irrottelemista
5th2 irrottelemaisillaan