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is +‎ -ness


isness (uncountable)

  1. (philosophy, spirituality) The quality of being; existence as something.
    • 1970, Daisetz Teitarō Suzuki, Zen and Japanese culture, Volumes 0-9842
      When I am in my isness, thoroughly purged of all intellectual sediments, I have my freedom in its primary sense.
    • 1978, Charles B. Ketcham, A theology of encounter: the ontological ground for a new Christology
      Isness always indicates identity of the other or another in an objective way.
    • 2004, Richard H. Jones, Mysticism and morality: a new look at old questions
      To be aware of knowing God is to know about God and the self — to be thinking in terms of entities — not to have the direct experience of the isness.